Marach T.

Designing Your Life: Workview / Lifeview

The Workview / Lifeview is an exercise to help me understand what’s important to me. The exercise is from the book ‘Designing your life’.

The instruction is to write how I see work and life. Then see if it’s align or conflict with each other.

Workview #

What’s work? Why work? #

Work is an act of giving a value to get something in return. I work for two things, to survive, and to feel alive.

  1. I work to survive. People may think that we work for money but actually, we just want to meet our basic needs. It just happens to be money is the common medium for trading.

  2. I work to feel alive. While I work, I face challenges that will make me grow. I meet interesting and talented people. I feel joy when I know that my acts create impacts.

What defines good or worthwhile work? #

If a work can satisfy those two things (to survive, to fee alive) then it’s a pretty good work already.

To make it a perfect work, the work is driven by my strengths and it’s doing good for our society.

Lifeview reflection #

What is the meaning or purpose of life? #

Life is an existence in an uncontrollable environment. I can choose how I live but I can’t guess the outcome.

My life is for I live to grow, to be self-mastered, and to be helpful.

  1. I live to grow. I live to learn and constantly improve myself. It’s the way to adapt and survive in the uncertain world. Also, the learning and practicing processes are also a charm by themselves.

  2. I live to be self-mastered. I seek to understand myself. Self is important as it’s the only thing that I have control over. By understanding self, I know what to do and why.

  3. I live to be helpful. I want to use my strengths to support others. I want to see people having a good life. Seeing that I can make a difference in someone life make me feel awesome.

I believe in good, empathy, and support. I distance my self from hatred, deception, and corruption.

My values are simple, humble, and inspired.

Conclusion #

My Workview and Lifeview don’t completely aligned. However, they don't clash either.

The ultimate coherency would be where those two merged.

My Workview and Lifeview don’t completely aligned. However, they don't clash either.

I work when it challenges me and provide a living.
I live to grow, to understand myself, and to help others.

The ultimate coherency would be where those two merged. Ideally it would be something like...

"I aim to do a work that is driven by my strength. The purpose of the work is for doing good to other people, but at the same time, it also provides a living. I improve myself every day through work. I am surrounded by kind and interesting people. When I’m not doing work, I do a self-reflection to understand myself more".