Marach T. is a Business Nerd

Hi there! My name is Marach Treekunprapa. I spent most of my time learning and sharing about businesses, because I love to do so.


Work as a Business Analyst

I am a full-time technology consultant at ThoughtWorks (an excellent company!). My job is to understand business problems/opportunities and find a solution.

Practice an entrepreneurship

I am finding a business that matches my value and lifestyle. I continuously experiment with new business ideas.

Who’s saying what about Marach?

Tatyana Borowski

Director of Marketing and Design at Prime Research Solutions Inc

“We share a desire to make the world into a better place. If and when I start my own design business full time, I would welcome him as a partner.”

Amy Niebel

Senior Director, Creative Production at Tag

“In a nutshell, he is proactive and smart and a breeze to work with. I have rarely seen the dedication that Marach has and recommend him highly!”

Roy Vanegas

Assistant Professor at the University of Hartford

“I would hire March if I had a business. I don’t. My loss is your company’s gain.”

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