a doodle of odyssey plan from Designing Your Life book

The Odyssey Plans is an exercise to explore alternative versions of the next five years of life. It’s about generating options so we can be curious and choose what is next to explore.

Here are the 3 plans I discovered from the exercise.

Designer for life: befriend with problems

a Doodle of Odyssey Plan 1 of Marach Treekunprapa: To become a designer

  • Learn design
  • Become a UXD
  • Self-publication: Blog/Youtube
  • Teach/speak/run workshops in Thailand
  • Work abroad
  • Write books
  • Teach/speak/run workshops abroad

Teach to learn: nerd is the new cool

a Doodle of Odyssey Plan 2 of Marach Treekunprapa: To become a teacher

  • Become a lecturer
  • Combine tech/design with teaching
  • Combine education with entertainment
  • Self-publication: Blog/Youtube
  • Build Apps
  • Write books
  • PhD
  • Own an institute

Road to happiness: nurture the mind and body

a Doodle of Odyssey Plan 3 of Marach Treekunprapa: To become a fitness trainer

  • Learn positive psychology/nutrition/exercising/yoga etc.
  • Do bodybuilding
  • Self-publication: Blog/Youtube
  • Get personal trainer certified
  • Become a speaker/trainer
  • Write books
  • Find VC
  • Sell supplements/product/services
  • Build a health recreation center