a filled Good Time Journal worksheet from Designing Your Life book

The Good Time Journal is an exercise to understand how I feel about each activity that I encountered. The exercise is from the book ‘Designing your life’.

The instruction is to log what I do and how I feel about it in term of engagement, energy, and flow. After logging for a few weeks then I take a closer look to see if I can identify why I felt that way.

I printed out the ‘Good Time Journal - Activity log worksheet’ (available at Design Your Life website). I logged it for 3 weeks.

Results from the log

Here’s what I found out from the log.


For me, the engaging activities are mostly related to self and creative expression. For example, drawing, coding, writing, teaching.

Also, some activities that require me to think a lot. For example, learning and practicing, requirement gathering, analyzing process and data,


The activities that I feel most energized me are the ones which relate to self-improvement. For example, learning, working out.

Also, I feel great when I know that I’m trying to understand and helping someones to be better. For example, requirement gathering (understanding needs and wants and walk through a possible solution together), and teaching.


I reach flow when I’m

  • Learning
  • Writing
  • Coding
  • Drawing
  • Teaching

The ones that I don’t like

I hate to

  • Micromanage
  • Force people to do stuff they don’t want :(


I have a good time when

  • I’m learning.
  • I’m expressing myself.
  • I’m improving myself.
  • I’m improving others.