a mind mapping from Design Your Life book

The Mind Mapping is an exercise to generate ideas. It teaches me that even when we feel stuck in life, there will always be a way.

The instruction is to pick 3 activities from Good Time Journal Activity and use that to make mind maps. After that, for each mind map, pick 3 words from outer levels and combine them into jobs.

Here are the 3 jobs I discovered from the exercise.

Trello Guru

a stick figure doodle of a guy who uses Trello to explain things in life

  • Teach how to use Trello (Kanban) as a framework for everything in life.
  • Teach how to be creative. Creating instead of consuming.
  • Teach how to be simple as Trello is not as flexible but complicated like programming.
  • Write a blog, teach classes, teach online classes etc.

Mustache YouTuber

a stick figure doodle of a guy who uses keynote to talk about mustache on YouTube

  • Grow a mustache
  • Talk about mustache: styling and care on Youtube
  • Sell mustache products and services

Lean fitness trainer

a stick figure doodle of a guy who is a fitness trainer and practices yoga in his own gym

  • Train to get healthy and look fit but lean
  • Teach exercise and nutrition
  • Sell products: food, supplements, plan
  • Sell services: personal training
  • Own a gym
  • Create a community