a piece of paper with a drawing of a 'Life Dashboard' placing with Design Your Life book

The Health/Work/Play/Love Dashboard is an exercise to help me understand where I am in my life. The exercise is from the book ‘Designing Your Life’.

The instruction is to write few sentences about each area in life, mark how I feel in the gauge, and ask if there’s a problem I want to tackle and see if it’s actionable.

My Dashboard (26 May 2018)

Here’s my take on the exercise.

Marach Treekunprapa's HWPL Dashboard with 1.5/4 on Health, 2 on Work, 1 on Play, and 2.5 on Love


I’m skinny fat. I start lifting regularly. The muscle starts to grow but the belly is still there. I also have a digestive problem from time to time. Sometimes I have a stomach ache or feel bloated in the stomach. My mind usually wonders. I’m not as sharp as before. I’m a bit forgetful.

I rate my health as 1.5. The problems in this area are

  • I don’t know how to plan a healthy diet. Even if I know, I don’t have a lot of time to prepare that food.
  • I sometimes miss my regular meal time. I sometimes go deep into what I’m doing and forget to eat.
  • I rarely take care of my mind (I use to do yoga and meditate but not anymore).


I work as a business analyst in a software company. I have side jobs doing web design and development. I would not say these are my calling but they definitely keep me busy learning.

I rate my work as 2. The problems in this area are

  • I work in a job that I’m not yet proficient with. I don’t have a mentor to guide. It’s pretty much trial and error. I sometimes feel lost and overwhelmed.
  • I don’t feel my value at work. I question myself if I’m contributing to my team at all. I don’t know if my strength is being used in my role at work.


I always do things on my phone. I read mangas. I watch movies and tv series. I play guitar. I enjoy these activities but feel guilty after. Sometimes it interferes with my work time.

I rate my play at 1. The problems in this area are

  • I play for hours but still feel unsatisfied.
  • I feel that playing is useless and I should do other stuff that’s more productive. However, I just keep playing and not working.


I have a good relationship with my parents and brother. I have a caring girlfriend. I have few friends. I feel the love from my peers but rarely spend time with them.

I rate my love at 2.5 The problems in this area are

  • I work full time and have a lot of side jobs. I don’t have time.
  • I’m a homebody. I don’t like to go out.
  • I replenish my energy best when I’m by myself. I want to take some rest alone instead of being with other people.


I’m surprised. Even I strongly feel that my life is happy, I see a lot of problems that I want to tackle. My problems revolve around the fact that I spend a lot of time working on tasks that I don’t satisfy.

This affects my health and love area because I don’t have time. Also, it affects my play area as I don’t want to play as much if my work area isn’t well taken care of.