smiling 30 year olds Marach Treekunprapa

I just turned 30 this year. Unlike what I heard about mid-life crisis, I’m doing okay.

Well, I at 30 is not rich nor famous. I’m just an average guy with an average job who earns an average salary.

But my life is pretty good.

So let me jot it down. Just in case one day I lose my memory.

  • It’s good that I have food to eat. It’s good that my apartment is clean and quite. It’s good that my 2012 Macbook is still working.
  • It’s good that my parents are so loving. It’s good that my brother is artsy. It’s good that my girlfriend is cute.
  • It’s good that I have a job. It’s good that my boss is awesome. It’s good that my coworkers are chill.

One day I may forget about these. One day some of these may change. But at least, this post will help me to remember.